Ailie Baumann
Ailie BaumannOnline Christian Coach - Learn how to live fiercely loved and free
With a degree in Psychological counseling, 3 years of being part of Bethel Sozo Ministry in my local church and over 20 years experience walking with God and depending on him during the ups and downs of life, I am a woman with a passion for Jesus. Known for my tenacity and utter conviction in both God’s goodness and greatness, I love to draw people to the heart of the Father.

I can teach you the following skills:

Finding out your giftings, purpose, and passions
Learn more about you
Recognizing God’s voice
Trusting the voice of God
Renewing your mind
Living with healthy boundaries
Becoming self-aware
Seeing from God’s perspective
Living from a place of rest and not religious works
Cultivating a deeper relationship with God
Loving yourself
and more


$80Per 1 Hour Session
  • First Session FREE


$4706 Session Intensive
  • PLUS a FREE session
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Ailie Baumann has a God-given ability to support God’s women through her ministry.  I’ve personally received timely wisdom, prophetic truth, Biblical counsel, and the expression of the Lord’s bountiful favor. Ailie strives to honor the Lord and encourages each of us to walk humbly with our God to fulfill His purpose for our lives. In a coaching sense, her words have often nourished my ministry and provided water to my thirsty soul. I’m grateful for her generous counsel and see the blessing and benefit it provides. I highly recommend engagement with Ailie through her ministry as well as her coaching services!

Thought-provoking and pushing boundaries, I love how Ailie shares empathically and challengingly all at once.

One of the aspects I love most about Ailie’s prophetic ministry is her focus, first and foremost, on our relationship with God. rather than just offering magic answers, she gently leads me through a series of questions that highlighted areas of my relationship with God that were troubled or limited based on past and present difficult experiences. I felt safe to discuss these insights with Ailie because it was clear she loved the Lord wholeheartedly and her aim was to restore any broken areas in my relationship with Him. Though her insights offered confirmation and great clarity (and hope!) it was never about her. Her sessions were always about God and what He was doing in my life through a relationship with Him.