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3 08, 2017

What motivates your prayer life?

By | August 3rd, 2017|Practical Christian Living, Prayer, Revelations and Encounters, Spiritual Growth|4 Comments

I hadn't thought of what motivates my prayer life until I heard a sermon by Dawna De Silva called Praying from Power. I listened, riveted to my chair, taking in every word as though I was hearing for the first time. Each word carried weight, clarity, and authority. It demanded my full attention and required [...]

6 06, 2017

How to stop comparing yourself with others

By | June 6th, 2017|Practical Christian Living, Spiritual Growth|9 Comments

How to stop comparing yourself with others? Yea, that answer seems to be more slippery than a wet bar of soap. One moment, we've got it, we stop comparing ourselves to others and work on valuing the beauty of who we are. Before we know it, we are doing it again - comparing. Whenever I [...]

4 04, 2017

Attributes of a good father – He is a good father

By | April 4th, 2017|Faith, Revelations and Encounters, Spiritual Growth|13 Comments

Attributes of a good father? God is a good father? These questions often feature in our minds for a variety of reasons at different times in our lives. Often, we project our view of our earthly dad onto God as a Father thinking that he will treat us in the same way. The impact on [...]

28 03, 2017

Who are God’s angels? A peek into heaven

By | March 28th, 2017|Revelations and Encounters, Spiritual Growth|13 Comments

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links that give a small commission at no extra cost to your purchase.  Who are God's angels? I'll never forget the time God showed me angels. I was about twelve years old and had been reading a book on angels - the different types, their roles, etc. This was around [...]

13 03, 2017

Finding strength in challenging times

By | March 13th, 2017|Faith, Practical Christian Living, Spiritual Growth|12 Comments

Finding strength in challenging times! Yea, that's a tough one. I don't know about you, but, my tough times often come at me with a vengeance. In some ways, I can feel as though one thing hits me before I've fully recovered from the first one. On and on it can go leaving us barely [...]

27 02, 2017

How do I learn to trust God when trust is hard

By | February 27th, 2017|Faith, Revelations and Encounters, Spiritual Growth|4 Comments

How do I learn to trust God? This question regularly pops into my mind, especially when God asks me to trust him more. Synonymous with trusting God comes the necessity to let go (Read this post for more on trust and rest). Both of these are challenging to do yet vital in deepening our walk [...]

20 02, 2017

God says rest – He has you covered

By | February 20th, 2017|Practical Christian Living, Spiritual Growth|10 Comments

Rest is important. It sounds really simple and that we should be able to rest. Does anyone feel that they can in this fast-paced world? We can contact people around the globe via the Internet night and day.  We could be awake 24/7 and work if we wanted to. So many people live with their [...]

13 02, 2017

Trusting God when life hurts and I have to wait

By | February 13th, 2017|Faith, Spiritual Growth|18 Comments

What's harder? Trusting God when life hurts or waiting? I'm not good at waiting for God to answer my prayers, or to let me live in his plans and purposes, or to have some highly impactful life. I want it all now. Yet, God has me in a season of waiting. I might as well [...]

30 01, 2017

Prevent a stolen identity by choosing God’s truth

By | January 30th, 2017|Faith, Spiritual Growth|11 Comments

“They’d never understand.” The thought exploded in my head from out of nowhere. With it came tremendous doubt and insecurity, along with a nasty and repetitive lie of the enemy that shouted, “No one is as evil as you. You’re the only one here who could do such a despicable act.”  I looked around the [...]

16 01, 2017

How do our thoughts create our reality

By | January 16th, 2017|Faith, Practical Christian Living, Spiritual Growth|18 Comments

How do our thoughts create our reality? This question has often sat at the back of my mind as I listen to my trail of thought or observe the conversations of others. I find myself reminded of a principle I learned in my university years which stated: Our perception is our reality This may have [...]

10 01, 2017

Knowing your identity in Christ – 4 Ways to grow

By | January 10th, 2017|Revelations and Encounters, Spiritual Growth|10 Comments

Knowing your identity in Christ is pivotal to shaping your core beliefs and influencing how you renew your mind. Throughout our childhood years, our core beliefs are formed and shaped by our parents, extended family, siblings, peers, teachers, and society at large. We work out what we like and dislike, yet for the most part, [...]

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