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10 01, 2017

Knowing your identity in Christ – 4 Ways to grow

By | January 10th, 2017|Revelations and Encounters, Spiritual Growth|10 Comments

Knowing your identity in Christ is pivotal to shaping your core beliefs and influencing how you renew your mind. Throughout our childhood years, our core beliefs are formed and shaped by our parents, extended family, siblings, peers, teachers, and society at large. We work out what we like and dislike, yet for the most part, [...]

21 11, 2016

Self-awareness plays a role in discernment

By | November 21st, 2016|My Heart Journey, Revelations and Encounters|14 Comments

There comes a time when we awaken to the identity that God has given us as his children. This identity grows deeper as he takes us on a journey of greater self-awareness and intimacy with him. Why do I use the word self-awareness? I don't hold the view that self-awareness means selfish or prideful. In [...]

23 10, 2016

Self-doubt fades in the light of God’s truth

By | October 23rd, 2016|Revelations and Encounters|9 Comments

Saturday night is winding to a close. I have a few writing gigs to wrap up before I start my new temp job on Tuesday. I'm excited, nervous and afraid all at the same time. I've been staring at my laptop screen for the past hour wondering what to write. I started one post, then [...]

10 10, 2016

6 Ways to change your home’s spiritual atmosphere

By | October 10th, 2016|My Heart Journey, Revelations and Encounters|8 Comments

I couldn't figure it out. The boys were behaving highly disrespectful. The amount of high pitched shouting, screaming and talking that I have come to expect as normal when you have three boys in your home seemed to be extreme. Something was off. My husband was not in a great place either. Technology was failing [...]

22 09, 2016

Praying from rest

By | September 22nd, 2016|My Heart Journey, Revelations and Encounters|0 Comments

Prayer! How often do I pray for my husband? Is it ok to let go and let God? These thoughts have often ran laps through my mind as I have wrestled with knowing how to pray for my husband while resting in God. Prayer needs to come from a place of surrender and rest. Rest [...]

28 08, 2016

Fighting against doubt with faith

By | August 28th, 2016|My Heart Journey, Revelations and Encounters|4 Comments

Yeah, not yet in a weekly rhythm of blogging my heart journey. At some point, I hope it will stabilize. I'm not sure how to consistently blog my heart journey when I find myself often allowing God to continue the work he started before writing about it. So let me ask you your thoughts - [...]

12 08, 2016

Salt: Your Enemy and Your Friend

By | August 12th, 2016|Revelations and Encounters|0 Comments

In today’s diet, salt is a standard ingredient in preparing food whether at home, restaurants, or ready-made meals. The impact salt has on our health is unavoidable whether the impact is beneficial or detrimental. Yet the debate regarding salt as enemy or friend rages on. On the one hand, some scientists and food writers advocate [...]

12 08, 2016

Tips for Adding Natural Sources of Magnesium to Your Diet

By | August 12th, 2016|Revelations and Encounters|3 Comments

Magnesium is the fourth most important mineral to the body apart from calcium, sodium, and potassium. With the body requiring magnesium for a vast variety of bodily functions, it’s no wonder that magnesium deficiency can occur especially if one follows a low magnesium diet. The body requires magnesium for regulating blood pressure, metabolism, produce the [...]

12 08, 2016

What You Should Know About Drinking Matcha Green Tea

By | August 12th, 2016|Revelations and Encounters|0 Comments

Matcha is a powdered green tea made from the Camellia sinensis plant found originally in Japan. Besides having its origins in Japanese locations, matcha is a crucial and integral component in the famous Japanese tea ceremony. This powdered tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients providing a variety of health benefits. As such matcha is [...]

10 02, 2016

Living Healthy in a Sugar-Filled World

By | February 10th, 2016|Revelations and Encounters|0 Comments

I was sitting at my favorite sushi restaurant indulging in the appealing eat-all-you-can sushi. The restaurant was relatively quiet while the sushi chefs quietly and contentedly kept the supply of sushi moving on its conveyor belt. In front of my plate was a smooth white Cabernet sauvignon blanc (a tad on the sweet side for [...]

10 02, 2016

Christmas and Chocolate Truffles

By | February 10th, 2016|Revelations and Encounters|0 Comments

Chocolate is a must have for any occasion but especially over the Christmas holidays. Ok I’ll be honest – any excuse for chocolate. In the Northern Hemisphere chocolate is most widely consumed as a hot beverage. In the Southern Hemisphere we have a hot Christmas so chocolate is given as a gift on Christmas Day [...]

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