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Has God rejected me too? Exploring God’s perspective

No matter how hard we try to do the "right" thing and live these great Christian lives, we face rejection. Its sting often brings with it condemnation, shame, and a whole lot of pain which many of us internalize. We start to see ourselves as "not good enough" or deserving of the bad things life throws [...]

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Stop anxiety in its tracks by hiding in God

A wave of panic hit me again and Anxiety's cold hands squeezed my heart. Its chilly breath whispered an all to well known phrase: "You've got to put your life, dreams, and passions on hold. There's no time for that. You're a wife and a mom. You must become dormant again." I choked back tears and [...]

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God Hovers over Us in our “Nothing”

"Nothing."  This word had come out of my one son's mouth as an answer to just about any question I asked him. Nothing. In some ways, I could and was infuriated as I hoped for a more substantial answer. That was until God began to remind me of Genesis 1:1-2 In the beginning, God created the heavens and [...]

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Our Words Create Worlds Part 1

Our words create worlds. Selah (pause, think on, reflect). We live in an era where words are thrown around casually, loosely, and also intentionally. Whether in written or spoken our words carry power to inspire purpose and life or cause soul destruction. Yet, I'm not too convinced we understand the power of our words. One day [...]

What is the nature of God vs his attributes?

Often we can get confused about the nature of God and the attributes of God. The two are not the same thing. Here’s why: The nature of God refers to those things about God that are irrevocable and given. The attributes of God pertain more to his personality and character such as his patience, kindness, goodness, [...]

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You Get What You Focus On – Watch where you look

This week was one of those weeks where my spirit was discerning a lot of spiritual activity in the spiritual atmosphere. I get weeks like this. A heaviness falls and I struggle to get out of it. The truth is I don't have to live in a heavy spiritual atmosphere because God has made me and [...]

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Living in the freedom of the cross

Living in the freedom of the cross. This concept was about to become more of a reality in my life than ever before. I say concept because although I love the Gift of Salvation and all that Jesus did, I wasn't (and still don't fully) living in the freedom Jesus gave us on the cross. But, [...]

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