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What is the purpose of faith in our lives

With each season of our lives comes the closing of one chapter to open another. Change always ebbs and flow within our lives demanding we exercise our faith, practice patience, and extend trust. The latter two are my weak areas. I get excited about new seasons and adventures. Off I go, living in the future instead of being present.

When I take a closer look at patience and trust, I find faith forms the heart of perseverance. Without faith, I can’t trust and without trust, I won’t be patient. Both trust and patience require faith to birth perseverance.

We’re familiar with the concept of faith. Each of us has been given a measure of faith accompanied by our gifts and talents:

Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses]. Hebrews 11:1 (AMP)

A closer look at faithA closer look at faith

What is faith besides the act of holding onto God’s promises as if they’re in our lives today?

I love the Amplified Bible’s version of faith. It regularly describes faith as the leaning of our entire personality on the character of God. Faith is knowing without any shadow a of doubt God is who He says he is and keeps his promises. Faith is void of any doubt.

With faith, we are able to trust God patiently in the waiting. We trust his timing, his heart toward us, his word, and his character. We know we will not be disappointed or deceived. We submit our ideas and agendas so He can have his way in our lives. Trust is being able to let go of our ideals and agendas for God’s because faith is convinced God is good.

Like you, I let go so I can sit at Jesus’ feet. I wait for his promises, timing, and next move. In this moment, where life is in limbo, I incline my ears and heart to be taught Kingdom values, principles and ways.

God uses vision to reinforce our faith

Patience and perseverance teach us more about God’s heart, love, and character than any instant gratification could. Our trust and faith is reinforced during these times. In this place, God turns me towards Habakkuk 2:3 (AMP)

“For the vision is yet for the appointed [future] time
It hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail.
Even though it delays, wait [patiently] for it,
Because it will certainly come; it will not delay.

What is the vision? God’s promises, plans, and purposes for your life. In the previous verse, God encourages us to write down the vision. I don’t think God is merely asking us to write down our life vision or goals but to also write down every promise he speaks over us, the calling he has revealed for our lives, and the purposes he has made known to us. We hold onto those while we stay content with where we are in this time of our lives.

We wonder impatiently if God is actually going to make good of his promises. For those of us who are counting up the years gone by in waiting, our faith may wane and wax. Still, God encourages us through what seems to be a delay. He reassures us his promises will come and will not delay. He stirs our faith spurring us forward into patient perseverance. What you are trusting God for today will come and it will not disappoint nor will it deceive:

And not only this, but [with joy] let us exult in our sufferings and rejoice in our hardships, knowing that hardship (distress, pressure, trouble) produces patient endurance; and endurance, proven character (spiritual maturity); and proven character, hope and confident assurance [of eternal salvation]. Such hope [in God’s promises] never disappoints us, because God’s love has been abundantly poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5:3-5 (AMP)

What is the purpose of faith in our lives

Whatever we face, faith is the key to overcoming. It lifts our eyes to Jesus for clear perspective, strength, wisdom and comfort. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith gives us the courage to face our giants head on. This produces in us the patient endurance, character, and hope in Romans 5:3-5.

I don’t believe God looks at us and thinks “yip, let’s give her another challenge to push her to her limits. She can handle it”. Yes, God has more faith in us than we have in ourselves, he has this awesome ability of seizing every opportunity to transform it into a God encounter. Every thing we go through God uses to teach us more about his heart and character. He stirs up our faith and shows us who he really made us to be. He asks us to trust him completely and sometimes almost blindly.

In the process, our obedience results in a character that becomes more molded to that of Jesus. Where we had deferred hope and uncertainty, the Lord gives us a hope which is secure in His promises and love. We become completely convinced that God is for us and working all things to our good. Nothing can stop the purposes of God in our lives. We push on in obedience because the prize is worth it. What is that prize? Jesus!

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