I’m stuck in a rut again. The words “I’m stuck” continue to whirl around in my head as fast as a merry-go-round leading me nowhere. What do I write? What do I say? Do I have a message?

In the process, I realize maybe I am trying to hard. Trying too hard to write something that will be a huge ah-ha moment or be something so profound the world will shake. (Read here for my post on perfection and this post on comparison)

What am I doing? Chasing after something that is not mine to chase. After all, it’s God who brings revelation and eureka moments. So what am I doing this for?

I’m stuck in a rut

I don’t know. I’m caught up in this rut of thinking I know nothing; but, the truth is I know a lot about little. ha ha ha ha ha 🙂 So, I write. I write and don’t stop because I want to get my brain flowing again.

Getting unstuck. Now that’s a topic that could probably be written about endlessly. How often do we get stuck? Stuck in ruts, stuck in our mindsets. We think the same thing over and over making the grooves of negative thought patterns that much more secure and deeper. On and on we go on this merry-go-round of unhelpful thinking. We feed it and watch it grow.

Oh, that we would be free. We need to renew our minds and stop those thought patterns from continuing. We need to apply the brakes and get to the root of it all.

Why am I thinking this unhelpful thought?

How is it trying to help me?

Strange isn’t it. Our thought patterns are often trying to help us. They do this by trying to meet those unmet needs of acceptance, love, belonging, purpose. Yet, in all their efforts, they just make matters worse and we end up further away from meeting these needs than when we started.

Aaaaaarrrrrgggg. We grip our hair in two hands and hang our heads in dismay. God, where are you? You seem so far but I know you aren’t. Where are you?

The start of a God encounter

Then, a light pressure seeps into your shoulder. He is here with his hands on your shoulder, anchoring you. He has always been here. The whirlwind of thoughts stops spinning so fast. God isn’t saying anything yet.  Silence. Presence. Peace.

The arriving of peace banishes the torment of unhealthy thought patterns. Wholeness or Shalom has arrived. Stay here, don’t rush on. This is the start of an encounter with the Lover of your soul.  Love floods your heart. Jesus still hasn’t said anything but he doesn’t have to say words now. He is anchoring you in himself. He has grafted you into him, and he is your source.

Don’t talk just drink. Drink of his presence, love, peace, and reassurance. He is here. Your thoughts have nI'm stuck in a rutot banished him nor is he put off by the fact that you feel stuck in a rut. No, rescuing you is his specialty. He loves to climb into our ruts with us and pull us out. He is not ashamed of you or put off by you.

Ah, truth from His heart is starting to drop into your spirit. You’ve never been alone. He has always been with you. He accepts you just the way you are. He loves you with all the love in the world and in eternity. You are his treasure and he loves to look on you. Oh, how he loves you.

This is it. The key to getting unstuck – spending time in his presence. Jesus is the answer to our every need. “Be still and know that I am God” comes to your mind. A flashback to the portion of Scripture where Jesus told the wind and waves “Peace be still.” The waves and winds in your mind and life are settling into a beautiful calm.

Be still, and know that I am God; Psalm 46:10 a

Breathe dear one. Breathe him in. His very breath is in you. His breath of life is what sustains you and holds you together. He is in you. If he didn’t love you he wouldn’t be in you and with you. Of course, he loves you. Yes, you. You are his beloved. You are accepted by the one who created you. Oh, how he loves you. Your uniqueness, gifts, talents, and differences are beautiful to him.

His hands hold your face as he drops a gentle kiss on your forehead. He is loving you now. The world around you has disappeared because nothing matters except this moment between you and him. You are his and he is yours. You are his bride. You aren’t an arranged marriage. No, he purposefully set out to marry you. He has been after your heart from the moment he thought of creating you. (Read this post on how Jesus is enthralled by your beauty) He wants you, all of you. This is the behavior of a man who is smitten with love for you.


You are beautiful, capable, strong, full of life, vibrant and everything he could have wanted. You are his reflection on this earth. You can be secure in his love because he will not leave you, abandon you, or divorce you. No. He understands covenant. His love to you is a promise being fulfilled, a promise that will not be broken.


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