Rest is important. It sounds really simple and that we should be able to rest. Does anyone feel that they can in this fast-paced world? We can contact people around the globe via the Internet night and day.  We could be awake 24/7 and work if we wanted to. So many people live with their electronic devices on all the time and expect replies instantly. However, not many people concentrate on the concept of resting. They go on holiday and, it takes them a few days to calm down from the “buzz” of normal life.
Is this really the way you should live?
Having spent nearly a year in bed, I have had to learn the importance of resting. I have been pushing my body far beyond where it can go for years. So, in the end, it laid me up in bed for a long time. At first, I was really frustrated because I wanted to get up and get on with things and my body simply didn’t let me. I had to learn how to rest and take the rest I needed because without it, I couldn’t function at all.
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God says rest
God himself instituted rest. When you read in Genesis, we see that God Himself rested on the seventh day after creating the world and everything in it. Later on, when he set up the children of Israel in the wilderness, he instituted a day of rest with instructions that they didn’t have to go collect mana on the seventh day. So, one in seven days really ought to be a rest for you. It is not a selfish thing to do. If you need to rest, don’t try and book yourself up with more things to do, but give your body, mind, and spirit a chance to rest.
Rest and Trust
There were also times in the Bible where God told people to rest and trust that He would sort things out. Often, he wanted people to learn how to trust Him. He would give them things to do, but He also helped to solve the problem too. Resting and relying on what God can do for you is an important part of trusting and resting in God alone. Rest and trust are closely intertwined. If you trust God, you rest in the fact that He will sort out your problems and don’t panic. I’m not saying you don’t do what you can – you need to! You trust and rest in God while you play your part in life as well.
Where do you find rest and trust in God difficult? Please do let me know in the comments.
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